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115,68 EUR*
Details Handbook of Nlp: A Manual for Professional Communicators

Handbook of NLP Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) has garnered recognition for its power in improving communication, thinking and problem-solving. This handbook brings together the ideas and skills involved in applying NLP to achieve superior ...

16,90 EUR*
Details 30 Minuten NLP im Alltag (audissimo)

60 Min.Audio CDEine leicht verständliche Einführung in die Welt des Neurolinguistischen Programmierens (NLP): Mithilfe von NLP können Sie Ihre Wahrnehmungsfähigkeit im Verbalen und Nonverbalen gezielt steigern. Dieses Hörbuch bietet Impulse und ...

28,37 EUR*
Details The Essential NLP Practitioner's Handbook

The Essential NLP Practitioner's Handbook "The Essential NLP Practitioner's Handbook" provides needed information aboutsetting up and running a thriving business that delivers professional therapyand coaching sessions that get great results. Full ...

15,86 EUR*
Details Kliniczna skutecznosc NLP i NLPt

Kliniczna skutecznosc NLP i NLPt. Analiza badan - Polish language book. Ksiazka w polskiej wersji jezykowej.

15,99 EUR*
Details Really Good Fun Cartoon Book of NLP: A Simple and Graphic(Al) Explanation of the Life Toolbox That is NLP

What is Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)?Neuro concerns the brain and the things that go on in your mind. Also the rest of the neurological system, including the five senses.Linguistic - this relates to language, both spoken and non-spoken ...

32,66 EUR*
Details The Nlp Toolkit: Activities and Strategies for Teachers, Trainers and Leaders: A Step by Step Guide to Using NLP Techniques in the Classroom

The NLP Toolkit Gives you practical 'how to' ways to develop your own emotional resilience as well as ways to work with children in the area of emotional and social skills. This book includes practical worksheets on stagecraft for teachers, leadership ...

17,19 EUR*
Details NLP in 21 Days: A Complete Introduction and Training Programme

NLP in 21 Days is an authoritative guide that covers the full international syllabus for NLP practitioner training. This easy-to-follow programme will benefit the growing number of people who now recognise the power Neuro Linguistic Programming has to ...

38,99 EUR*
Details NLP Coaching Cards Unpacked

This CD explains the use of all of the 52 high quality coaching questions from the highly successful NLP Coaching Cards (9781905045082) in an easily digestible audio form. Jamie Smart has taken the revolutionary step of combining the Meta-Model ...

18,29 EUR*
Details NLP w balerinkach

Achtung! Keine deutsche Version! Polnische Ausgabe.